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Adding throttling to a PHP email sending mechanism.  Emails are sent from a private members website to all signed up members.  Due to sending frequency limits imposed by the web host, we couldn't send to all members in one go, so a cron was used to send emails to subsets of members at timed intervals.

Redesign/rebrand of my online invoicing system icq32.co.uk.  Responsive/mobile friendly layout with a nice slide-down menu when viewed on a mobile.


Upgrading my website content management system - making it responsive/mobile friendly


Working on an Excel application with lots of quite complicated VBA coding. It's using Excel as a database, which has its advantages and disadvantages...


Moving a number of websites from one hosting company to another.  Along with the site files, databases and content, locally hosted emails were also moved.

Adding a range of new features to a web-based back office invoicing system.


Working on a web-based multiple choice quiz.  Mainly written in JavaScript.  Stats gathered on time taken for each question and users can give feedback on why they got answers right or wrong.

Added a feedback feature to my online invoicing system icq32.co.uk. From any page on the site, users can click a button, type in problems or indeed compliments about that page and send it to me.

It should help promote continuous improvement of the system through user feedback. 

Went live with a clean, simple responsive website furwood.co.uk


Building a data backing up tool to back up a large number of large documents on a website.  The process brings together PHP, Cron jobs and a C# desktop application.


Learning about systems and processes needed by companies attaining ISO accreditation. 

Working on a range of updates to a php, Web based, mobile friendly CRM system.

Working on creating png images dynamically with php.  What's interesting is that the src of an img tag can be a php file.

Working on a range of updates to an online invoicing and process management system for a builders company.  The system has helped them achieve ISO 9001 accreditation.


Making php execute inside css files, so styling info can be pulled from a database.  This has some interesting uses in extending the features of my content management package.  For example users being able to set colours and fonts in the CMS.

Updating the favicon.ico on my site - matching its colour and design roughly to my logo - to maintain brand consistency.

It's that time of year again - tax return!  It's a straightforward task if you use a nice online invoicing system like www.icq32.co.uk

Working on a JavaScript web app - so no PHP involved.  I'm learning some new HTML5 techniques for local data storage and also integrating Google maps via their API.


Working my way though my own website - making it responsive/mobile friendly.  Retrofitting responsiveness to a site not originally built as responsive.

I built and went live with a basic, responsive website for a holiday home in Kyle of Lochalsh.  Heathmount Holiday Home

Making my website content management system responsive/mobile friendly.


Finished making my online invoicing system responsive/mobile friendly - so it makes doing invoicing from your phone a whole lot easier.  https://www.icq32.co.uk

For a website I built with a system for booking into meetings, I added the ability to download the meeting details to a .ics vCalendar file.  This allows users to easily add the entry to their local calendar.

Adding a "Keep me logged in" checkbox to the content management section on one of my sites.

Finally managed to get a sample SQLite database working with C#.  The official site and documentation doesn't make it easy...This should allow me to create a file system based database to work with a C# desktop application.  So no dependency on Microsoft Access being installed.

Installed PhoneGap on my PC & my Android phone - taking my first small steps into app development using HTML/CSS/JS rather than native.

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